Frustrated with your client’s lack of response to the urgent data security issues you’ve uncovered? Show your clients how vulnerable their data REALLY is with one, simple report.


Here’s a Free Training Program from our most recent Livecast. Watch as Sales Expert David Stelzl explains exactly how to attract and close project and annuity business without cold-calling (Regardless of budgets and stingy business economic buyers)!


The MSP business has commoditized! If you’re monthly recurring revenue sales are flattening or slowing, you can inject new life into your business with our easy to follow security solution strategy roadmap.

Your Clients Need You.  Here’s an Expert’s Opinion Showing Them Why They Must Act Now – Get David’s New Book, Digital Money!

  • Written to business leaders – This book holds nothing back! 
  • Simple illustrations that expose your client’s risks and move them to action.
  • 7 major trends that affect every business, with relevant examples designed to make Asset Owners feel the pain of NOT acting.
  • The one urgent mistake almost every business is making – one that demands your involvement.
  • A clear explanation of true security and the inextricable link to your managed services.

Are You Leading With Things Your Client Cares About? Discover How to Be The Trusted Advisor!

This is working! I attended your training over seven years ago and it changed my entire sales process. Now I’ve gone through a second time. Using these strategies I am closing more business with higher margins. This month I made top sales rep out of a team of 114, and hit over 400% of my quota!

Tom Hagin

Sales Rep, All Covered

“David is a 1st class professional with unparalleled integrity and vision. He has brought extensive value to several business partners I worked with over the years. I highly recommend David to anyone searching for a results oriented security consultant.”

Fred Deluca

Senior Account Executive, Salesforce

“Working with Stelzl Visionary Learning Concepts over the past five years has been the best investment Sklar Technology Partners could have made….I honestly believe that with your help our company not only survived the recent recession but actually thrived and grew over the past two years.”

Norman J. Sklar

Partner/Owner, Sklar Technology Partners

Well, David’s done it again.  His latest book, The House & The Cloud, offers the best explanation of why Security is so important and how to succeed in not only selling Security, but how to become a trusted advisor to your clients. Please don’t miss reading David’s book.  As well, please go to David’s website to see numerous offerings from consulting to newsletters to training and more that we can all benefit from; Cisco, our Partners, and our clients!”

John Bruno

Partner Account Manager, Cisco Systems

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