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Lead With Things Your Client Cares About…


Discover How to Be The Trusted Advisor!

Meet David Stelzl, CISSP since Y2000…

Over the past two decades David has helped technology companies, both channel and direct, develop enablement strategies, eLearning curriculum, coaching programs, live workshops, and sales tools designed to close the gap between new hires and top sellers, struggling team members and overachievers…

Inspired by thought leaders and mentors in both sales and marketing – people like Simon Sinek, Chip & Dan Heath, Dick Dunkle, Mack Hanan (Who I’ve known personally),…David has found answers to hard questions like, “What makes training actionable?”, “How can one transform average sellers into producers?”, “Where do marketing strategies and sales intersect to generate qualified leads?” and, “What’s the best strategy for selling something with no ROI – Security?” – David knows data is at risk, but the buyers just don’t see it…

As a frequent speaker at sales meetings, training workshops, channel events, and technology lunch & learns, David has had the privilege of working & sharing the stage with: Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco; Michael Hayden, Former Director of The NSA and CIA; Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City; Meredith Whalen, IDC’s Global Chief Research Officer; Eugene Kaspersky, Founder and CEO of Kaspersky Labs; and Prakash Panjwani, CEO of WatchGuard…

Enabling sales is far more than teaching a class… it’s a process of transformation, using learning science, proven strategy, marketing, and delivery that will capture the sales person’s attention and move them beyond, what Michael Bosworth (Creator of Solution Selling) calls, the Eagle…natural born seller.



I attended David’s training over seven years ago and it changed my entire sales process. Now I’ve gone through a second time. Using these strategies I am closing more business with higher margins. This month I made top sales rep out of a team of 114, and hit over 400% of my quota!



Well, David’s done it again.  His latest book, The House & The Cloud, offers the best explanation of why Security is so important and how to succeed in not only selling Security, but how to become a trusted advisor to your clients. Please don’t miss reading David’s book.  As well, please go to David’s website to see numerous offerings from consulting to newsletters to training and more that we can all benefit from; Cisco, our Partners, and our clients!”



16011-A Lancaster Hwy
PMB 319
Charlotte, NC 28277 

(980) 263-9514

[email protected]


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