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Stelzl Visionary Learning Concepts offers several types of coaching plans to meet your business needs.  We’ll work together to establish goals, set measurable milestones, and achieve results. Scroll down this page, and check out just a few of the ways we have worked with our clients to help them achieve greater success.

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Join hundreds of successful professionals who have participated in one of our world-class coaching programs. Let us show you the secrets of growing a successful, high-tech sales or marketing business through our program that fits both your budget and schedule.

Stop attempting to earn more by trying harder. Just as successful athletes have personal trainers and coaches, your business career will dramatically change when you experience the benefits of expert advice and collaboration.  Contact us to discover which program is best for you.

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Get started with making the move from Vendor to Advisor. Get monthly group calls, expert interviews and access to ongoing business-growth resources when you join for just $97/month – PLUS you’ll receive over $591 worth of bonus program materials free when you sign up!

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The Insider’s Circle Elite Program is not about getting more content. It’s about execution.Our goal is to help you implement proven strategies and give you the unwavering support you need achieve your goals and build the business and life of your dreams. If you’re ready to work one-on-one with David Stelzl, this is the place to start.

Take Your Business to the Next Level With IC Platinum!

A very select group of business leaders are invited to join David to develop industry-leading businesses. David has worked with countless small businesses and continues to hone his craft as he works with this handpicked group of experts who thrive off the guidance of David’s 30-plus years of experience.

Facilitated Strategic Planning Sessions

Define Your Business Go-To-Market Strategy in This 2-Day Event…

Using the 6 Hats Strategy method from Edward De Bono, we’ll take you through the process of evaluating and defining what your business should look like in order to reach its maximum potential.

For Sklar Technology Partners, the 6-Hats Business Strategy Session transformed Randy Sklar’s company from a PC reseller to a high-margin consulting firm focusing on security, managed IT, and hosted services. Together, we created a formula for long-term success with their SMB clients.  The results –  Sklar Technology Partners remained strong through some very difficult economic times.

An effective business growth strategy starts with an intense workshop-style planning session, defining your course, and then executing with a coaching program to guide your progress as you implement…

Other examples include marketing consulting with Kaspersky Lab, Courion, and Trend Micro during their BigFix Product Launch.  Customer solution strategies and coaching with Presidio. And the strategic merger of  Elephant Outlook and Protected Trust.  If you’re looking to change directions, add new services, or re-engineer your technology business, give us a call.