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Four entrepreneurs at a meetingDoes your corporate presentation look like everyone else’s?

Is it boring or engaging?  Do people light up when they hear about your company?

For Trend Micro, a leader in anti-malware technology, we consulted with their marketing department to bring together mid-market and enterprise level solutions, which built a stronger brand around their web-threat defense strategy. Through collaborative sessions and coaching calls, we were able to write concise, sales-ready messaging that was distributed to their sales force. This helped bring new, innovative technologies together with one solid marketing message. Messaging was then rolled out internationally, announcing their strategic alliance with Big Fix, as well as new threat mitigation technologies for large enterprise installments.

Other examples include Meridian IT messaging and value proposition development, Sailfin Technologies presentation and messaging, and working with the Level Platforms Sales Time on their security value proposition.


Considering a Business Planning Session?

Is Edward De-Bono’s 6-Hat Strategy right for you?


THE GOAL: These sessions are dynamic group thinking sessions. We work together before the meeting to pin down exactly what areas of the business require change.

  The goal is to take you from where you currently are, to where you want to be. What you need now is a plan that your leadership team buys into; one that will work and get you there quickly.  Starting with some focused research by phone and online, we’ll work with you to learn all we can about your business. Some areas that are helpful to know about up front might include:


corporate-business-meeting-photography-by-lars-brandt-stisen-maddocmanCompany vision and mission. This is your key value proposition. What sets your company apart when you take price out of the equation? A strong value proposition will direct the course of your company growth, while a weak one will lead to thrashing and underachievement.

Solution set.  Who is your best client?  What are their real needs? Does your offering really meet those needs?  Is it priced and delivered in a profitable, win/win way?  Do you look like everyone else, or do you have some unique aspect? These are all areas worth looking at. Once we fix them, marketing suddenly becomes much easier.

Messaging.  Websites are great, but the goal is to make sure your company is attracting buyers, and converting shoppers to buyers.  Given a focused market and a great value proposition, we can figure out the best way to get your message out. From there, a consistent message and value are demonstrated through every form of media you use.  That would include social media, event marketing, print, verbal messaging, and of course, the web.  This type of approach can easily move you from a 20% conversion rate to a 90%.

Sales strategy.  From there, we need a go-to-market strategy.  This might be event driven, or other, but will most certainly include some form of educational marketing strategy.  This is often the place where sales coaching programs help a sales person move their business forward. The SVLC Insider’s Circle provides just that:


THE PROCESS: The 6 Hat Strategy method is one of the fastest ways to help a company take an idea, gain agreement, and move forward in one accord!  With the information we’ve gathered, we’ll be ready to go to work.  As a team, we’ll look at your specific people group, your offerings, your message, and your growth goals. Then we’ll create a road map that can be executed on to build the business.

We recommend that you have managers in the meeting. 3-6 is generally a good number.  You will also need someone administrative who can take notes and put together our ideas in an orderly fashion.



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