Keynotes & Breakout Sessions

You want your next meeting to be great!

Mic-Purple-1Your speaker is THE NUMBER ONE INGREDIENT for making your next meeting AWESOME!

You need a message that will MOVE your group to change! One that offer’s content and audience ENGAGEMENT! That’s your speaker’s responsibility…

Breaking free from old thinking, and racing past the average – that’s David’s Passion and his Message…

DAVID STELZL knows the  technology market… You won’t get stories of climbing Mt Everest or crawling out of a ship wreck at sea…instead, David offers real-life examples RELEVANT to your industry, and has the PASSION and ENERGY to MOVE your TEAM to ACTION.

Through a series of powerful (and sometimes funny) stories and lessons from David’s own selling experience, family (7 entrepreneurial children and just ONE WIFE), and 20 years of IT Industry Experience, your team’s eyes will be opened to amazing possibilities available to them right now…

“My passion is helping entrepreneurial thinkers break through to excellence, leaving behind the average…achieving what they once thought to be impossible.” – David Stelzl 

David will demonstrate the key principles that make high-tech sales exciting, profitable, and the most important job out there! Learn more about David’s Keynote topics by clicking the button below.


30 Clients in 60 Minutes…Demand Generation Events

Audience Conversion is the Key Metric to Measure Lunch & Learn Success!

shutterstock_316221998Let me ask you, “How effective are you lunch & learn events?” Everyone does them. Few know their ROI.  Here’s something radical!

David Stelzl CONVERTS over 90% of his audience in just in 60 minutes!

Did you catch that?  It’s so high we’re embarrassed to say it – most people think we’re lying.

But we can PROVE IT.  Hire David and we’ll show you how it’s done. And while we can’t guarantee your conversion, we’re happy to share the risk…we’re that confident. Just ask us…

But David doesn’t just show up to speak.  He’ll give you EXPERT ADVICE on how to set up your event for maximum participation, how to fill your seats with QUALIFIED BUYERS, and how to create a CONVERSION unparalleled in this industry…The best part; we can often help you get funding from your partners so you won’t break the bank to get started.



Looking for something a little more specific or customizable?

iStock_000070382347_DoubleIn addition to keynotes and marketing events, David Stelzl offers a variety of sales, channel, and marketing related workshops to help your team move from simply selling product, to solving real-world business problems.  Workshops are available through limited public offerings, virtual webinar based training, and onsite, live, custom workshops. Call us for more information at 980-263-9102, or contact us.