The Fastest Way to Close New Business…Security Lunch & Learns

Here’s Why:


People respond to threats first…The problem is, most business leaders don’t really understand what they’re up against. Like a heart attack or cancer diagnosis, only ignorance stands in the way of ACTION…David’s lunch & learn topics expose risk and invite immediate opportunity.

Lunch & Learn events designed by David Stelzl focus on THE NUMBER ONE ISSUE facing today’s leaders. They expose risk. Economic buyers are moved to action, authorizing assessments on the spot. Once assessed, measurable risk is exposed, and remediation becomes the top priority. MANAGED SERVICES quickly follow, as a means of maintaining an acceptable level of risk.

Over the past year we’ve consistently attracted 25-35 decision makers per meeting, converting well over 90% to security assessments. Using our unique formula, we’re able to guide you through a simple assessment process that will expose urgent issues and demand remediation. The ROI is clear – this is the fastest way to fill your pipeline with qualified business opportunities.

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Get 30 New Clients in 60 Minutes!

“Over 90% of the executives attending David’s security demand generation events agree to assessing their security with the sponsoring technology provider”

Unfortunately we can only commit to a limited number of events each quarter…APPLY NOW and secure a date before they’re taken by your competition. We guarantee results! 

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Guarantee 3 Meetings With an Executive

Using Stelzl’s unique, asset-focused, demand generation program, you are guaranteed to close new business. This program was designed to CONVERT – in other words, David is not just showing up to speak at your event. Here’s what to expect:

  • David will help you drive attendance.  He does this by contributing over a decade of experience in getting the right people to your event – ASSET OWNERS.
  • Our membership site and Event Marketing Success Kit contain tested samples of invites and call scripts to get you to the Asset Owner level.
  • Get access to our follow-up process and multiply your conversion numbers!
  • David’s topics are customizable to the products and services you represent – we’ll review your target market, understand your offering, and help you drive the business you need to grow!
  • Make this program Turn-Key.  Consider adding coaching and program options below to maximize your event success.

5 COMMON MISTAKES Resellers Make Doing Lunch & Learns

Do you have conversion numbers for your past several lunch & learn events?
If you don’t, you’re not alone. It’s not easy to track ROI on events like these. However, there are some numbers you should be tracking.

Like every meeting designed to grow sales, there should be a CALL TO ACTION. Lunch & Learns are a type of direct response marketing….at least they should be. If you want to grow your business, and lunch & learns are part of your marketing strategy, AVOID these DEADLY MISTAKES:

  • Allowing non-qualified buyers to occupy your seats.  Only asset owners and key decision makers should be invited to these costly, exclusive events.
  • Treating lunch & learns like customer appreciation events. You should honor your clients, but hosting expensive luncheons is overkill. Send a gift, take them to lunch, or perhaps invite your best clients out for a round of golf one afternoon. Don’t make the mistake of opening up time-consuming lunch & learns to anyone on your mailing list.
  • ASK FOR THE BUSINESS (Sales 101)! Direct response marketing (by definition) demands a RESPONSE. The number of responses goes down exponentially when you wait till the next day to call for action. Demand a response right there in the meeting!
  • Using free (vendor supplied) speakers (The Most Common Mistake). Few vendors have qualified speakers on staff in your area. Your main event is your speaker, not your offering. So spend your money on the ONE THING your audience is coming to see. If your audience isn’t amazed by your speaker, mark your meeting down as a failure. (Note, if you can’t afford a speaker, don’t do a lunch & learn).
  • Begin with the end in mind (Stephen Covey). Know what your conversion strategy is long before you begin your event. In fact, every aspect of your meeting should be designed around high-conversion numbers. Nothing else really matters…


Closing the Business


Join Peak Performers and Let David Walk You Through the Entire Process (Including Helping You Close the Business)

Though our Peak Performers Coaching Program, let David walk you through the entire process, from start to finish. In the end you’ll have a well defined, repeatable sales process that will multiply your business:

  • One-On-One Coaching
  • Get insights on planning your event, inviting the right people, and creating your conversion strategy.
  • Ask us about discounts we offer to Peak Performers, on speaker fees in event involvement.
  • Work through our follow up strategy, step by step, perfecting each point of conversion through the close.
  • Define your company’s ongoing event conversion process and get your team working together to close repeatable, predictable business.

By doing this, we ensure that your demand generation ends up closing as much business as possible. Give us a call and we’ll show you how this works!


Get the Complete Event Marketing Success Tool-Kit


Get David Stelzl’s 100+ page field guide with everything you need to get started: easy to follow toolkit that will walk you through every step of the process, plus, David’s new, Quick Reference Guide to keep you on track as you plan new events.

  • Get 30 new clients in just 60 minutes with this proven formula.
  • Access decision makers.
  • Shorten your sales cycle.
  • Sign up at least 50% of your audience on the spot.
  • Eliminate cold-calling.

BONUS 1: Get one free coaching call ($500 Value)

BONUS 2: Access to our membership site with updated marketing tools and a killer follow-up plan to maximize conversion!

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“We had a meeting with the CIO of a large company who attended your event.  They are a pretty committed client to our largest competitor.  Since the event, he has engaged us to discuss several strategic project opportunities. Putting on your event put us in a different light with this CIO than our competitor.  His biggest complaint with them is that they are order takers; they really don’t bring any recommendations or suggestions to the table…your approach gave us the opportunity we needed.”


Dot Burrell

Strategic Enterprise Sales - InfoSec Account Manager, Accuvant