Upgrade Your Sales Kick-Off Meetings w/ David’s Motivational Call to Excellence – Making the Move From Vendor to Advisor!

Your Sales Kick-Off can’t be anything BUT AWESOME…Building COMMON VISION, TEAM COMMITMENT, and establishing a clear PATH TO SUCCESS are all essential ingredients for high performance sales teams like yours.

David speaks (with a strong background in high tech sales) to technology sales teams. He has credibility in this industry to relate to your team, giving them insights on where this market is headed.  He knows what your team must do to SUCCEED in the coming year. He’s engaging, funny (sometimes), and absolutely relevant when it comes to selling high-tech solutions.

More importantly, DON’T fill your kick-off meetings with next generation products, features, and boring financial graphs. It’s the kick-off, not a technical training or financial review. Instead, give you team a boost and a hope for future growth, personally and professionally. Make them glad they joined your team!  And keep them highly motivated for future growth.

David’s customized sales kick-off topics are designed to give your team a lift, showing them the FUTURE, and how to be No. 1 in the coming year…Give us a call…we’ll review where your company is right now, where you’re headed, and what topics will move your team forward the fastest.


Channel Summits and Distributor Partner Events

“In 1998, Tom Stevens led worldwide channels for Cisco. His Las Vegas main session was packed as he unveiled the secrets of consulting with high-level decision makers…Why do I still remember the details of his talk? Not only was his material unique, Tom gave us exactly what we all needed, to grow our businesses.  So much so that partners around the country lobbied for Tom to do a road show, to give us more!!!! And that he did….” – David Stelzl

Channel Summits and Distribution events are your opportunity to BUILD the channel…the way you use your event time has a lot to do with CHANNEL MOTIVATION, CHANNEL LOYALTY, and ultimately, SUCCESS…

However, when we talk with reps at these events, most of them are bored; neutral at best. David’s sessions are different. They’re focused on EXECUTION and WINNING…Equipping reseller business leaders and providing the tools and hope that bring success to the reseller sales team.

Hire David and let him INSPIRE your channel, TEACH PROVEN STRATEGIES needed to compete, and MOTIVATE sales reps to go out and execute to win!

We’re so confident your audience will love David, we’ll refund your speaker fee it you don’t think he was worth it!!!!  CONTACT US TODAY to review topics resellers are wanting to hear…we are constantly updating our materials to address the current challenges your partners are facing in the marketing today.


Industry Events – Business Leader Security Awareness

Whether you’re planning an employee awareness meeting, or hosting a conference for CIOs/CISOs, David’s Digital Money Messages are designed to expose future threats, and how companies must change to guard their data from hackers (All based on his most recent book, Digital Money, The Successful Business Leader’s Guide to Stopping the Hacker).

David’s daily business activities keep him in close communication with security industry leaders…keeping him current on global trends, current threats to your business, and the actors who continually attack your company’s most prized assets.  Taking highly complex security concepts and putting them into understandable examples and illustrations is what David does best. So  whether David’s training high-tech sales people or educating business leaders, his goal is to inform, entertain, and make memorable, the concepts your audience must understand to make your program a success!

Contact us to hear about David’s most popular topics based on the current threats and trends we’re observing on the Internet…



img_20561-1024x682-1From David’s first and most widely read book, The House & the Cloud, he will show you how he grew a security practice from zero to 33 million in just three years – in a down economy!  Using simple analogies, David will capture the attention of both large and small companies (fortune 500 to SMB), at the executive level, by showing them how security works – without being technical, and by building justification using a simple tool referred to as, The Impact/Likelihood graph.  This model explains why deals get put on hold, lose funding at the last minute, and why assessments that demonstrate an urgent issue clearly, never reach project status! In every past case where this model was implemented, urgent issues were discovered, and approvals were given. David will show you why, and how to duplicate this success in your own business.  With this approach, budget is no longer an issue!


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