Which Option is Right for You?


Choose From Onsite Custom Training Programs or Affordable, On-Demand, Online Training – Specifically Designed For Selling Technology


90% of the training offered in this industry assumes the product features will sell themselvesThey Don’t!!!

Free PRODUCT-FEATURE training (sponsored by vendors) is a waste of time when you’re trying to sell to business leaders…

And then there’s GENERIC sales training. While these companies promise custom programs to meet all your training needs, the truth is, they’ll teach you the very same strategies they they teach those who sell encyclopedias…does that make sense?


For Cisco Systems (the world leader in networking and unified communication technology) we equipped their North American, Australian, Indian, and New Zealand sales teams to grow security sales with executive level messaging and a business focused value proposition. The results were dramatic and continue to be used throughout the world today.

We’ve developed similar training programs for global resellers including ePlus, Presidio, Optive,… and hundreds of regional MSP and technology resellers. Give us a call and let’s review what your sales team needs in order to make the cut in the coming year…

The Security Sales Mastery Program


Learn to Master the Sale of Security in Three, Short Months!


shutterstock_397033933SECURITY IS HOT RIGHT NOW! Let me ask you something…Would you make a financial investment first, or handle a heart-related emergency? Of course you’d stop the heart attack!!!!

Security is like a heart attack waiting to happen. And every one of your clients is at RISK. They just don’t see it.

This program fixes all of that for just $333/month (3 Easy Payments)! In just 90 days (using this easy to digest approach) you’ll transform your business – work at your own pace, and no travel required!

If your clients are unresponsive and your prospects aren’t converting, you’re not alone. The SECURITY SALES MASTERY PROGRAM was designed to fix price wars and unresponsive, stingy buyers… Here’s what you’ll get:

  • First, what you WON’T get is more speeds and feeds…
  • Discover the most effective value proposition there is – no matter what size companies you call on.
  • See how security leads to managed services (Annuity Sales) every time!!!!
  • Learn the message that is converting over 90% of the time.
  • Find out why most security assessments don’t lead to business, and how to change that forever.


  • BONUS #1: 3 coaching calls with David, including an assessment review (worth $1500).
  • BONUS #2: Get an extra month of access (a total of 120 Days).
  • BONUS #3: Plus we’ll send you our Insider’s Edge Magazine, filled with strategies to grow your business – including non-security business.

Make the Move from Vendor to Advisor


How Would You Like to Take Your Proposal Close Rates to 95%, and Learn How to Attract and Maintain Relationships at the Executive-Level?


shutterstock_361846778After working alongside PWC for over three years, David went on to help build a unique technology business using the same high-priced consultant strategies he observed on his project team. The result? A $75 Million Dollar Business in just 5 years!

Are you having a hard time getting in front of decision makers? Are you competing on price and either losing or walking away with half the margin you used to? Have you lost control of the sales cycle?

This online training was designed to TRANSFORM sales people into HIGH-PRICED SELLING CONSULTANTS…to move them from vendors to advisors.

IDC analysts are telling us with certainty, the future technology business will look and act much different than what we see right now.  According to IDC, only about 50% of your sales team will make this transition…unless you take proactive steps to change the future!

After conducting hundreds of sales training classes around the world, we’ve discovered that 90% of the sales people attending are too busy to figure out exactly how to make that change. That’s why we’ve created this simple 6 step program. Give us just 60 minutes/week and we’ll show you how to transform – all while working on the deals you already have in process.

Planning for Success!


Create Your Own High-Impact Two-Page Sales or Business Plan


shutterstock_493385596If you feel like you should be earning more, but you just can’t seem to get things moving quickly in the right direction, take a look at your account plan or business plan (or marketing plan).  What? You don’t really have one?

It’s true – MOST reseller business owners and sales people are running through the year with NO PLAN.  “No plan is a plan to fail.” – Covey

Join David in this 20 session business planning process. 20 bite-size sessions. Each video is about 10 minutes in length.  David will give you the template, the videos, and written directions on what to do each step of the way.  Work at your own pace, a little at a time, and in a short time you’ll have everything you need to GROW forward.  (Get 2 Months Access to This Program When You Sign Up).

“David has opened up a whole new level of business opportunity after many years of selling high-end technology solutions. Through his training and coaching programs I now have the tools I need to move higher up in the companies I am working with; effective discovery strategies, executive level questions to ask, and a process to move from selling products to advising clients. One of the first opportunities we worked on went from a 65K dollar assessment to over half a million in products and services! ”
Greg Bartolo