Customer Attraction & Ascension

SECURITY HAS NO ROI.  And while it’s “Top of Mind” for most business leaders, no one is actually thinking about it until it’s too late.

However, with the right approach, security sells faster than any other solution area and continues to be one of the most profitable technology sales you can make.

This program comes from real world experience – getting into new accounts, moving up the org chart, and creating new opportunities. In this program we’ll show you the power of SECURITY to CLOSE…

Now in an easy-to-digest format – Work at your own pace. Get a fresh perspective on sales and how SECURITY will open new doors you never thought possible.

Here’s What You’ll Get…

  • A well developed advanced security solution strategy.
  • Deep dive training on funnels and how the conversion process works.
  • Step-by-step direction on creating the ideal sales conversation.
  • Conversion strategies for existing client ascension, list to buyer conversion, and cold lead generation.
  • An opportunity to develop actual campaigns that will 5X current contracts and double your overall business.
  • PLUS helpful downloads and practical assignments!

How it Works…

  • 7 Modules that will help you perfect the conversion process…
  • Core sessions are recorded in video format on our mobile-friendly site (all accessible through a private membership login).
  • Supplemental assignment videos provide greater insights, explanations, and strategies along the way.
  • Helpful downloads designed to help you reference all that you learn.
  • Access to our private FB group for questions and collaboration.
  • Your personal training concierge is here for support whenever you need it.


Module 1 – Your Value Proposition

Module 2 – Your Ideal Client

Module 3 – Your Advanced Solution Strategy

Module 4 – Creating the Conversion

Module 5 – BOFU Customer Ascension

Module 6 – MOFU List Conversion

Module 7 – TOFU Cold Traffic Conversion

For a one-time fee of $997, you can purchase unlimited access to this training program!