Expand Your Business to Disaster Recovery Today…

Join one of our newer trainings – Disaster Recovery and Availability, led by Disaster Recovery Expert Jay Haller – and learn how to transform your business through Application Availability.

Haller has over 20 years of experience in the Disaster Recovery field, and he has joined forces with Stelzl Visionary Learning Concepts to bring you the best training possible so you can expand to DR services. 

Our Disaster Recovery & Availability Training is a total of 12 weeks long, featuring 6 training modules with 2 assignments each. Training and assignment videos are available in each module, along with their corresponding slide decks in downloadable format. Purchase lifetime access to this training today (sold per seat to individuals) and cover the following topics, plus much more:

    • How to get started with Disaster Recovery/Application Availability

    • Availability vs. Recovery – what’s the difference, and when to use them

    • Testing – why we do it and how to execute it

    • Risk and business impact analysis

    • Planning steps and procedures

    • Getting started with your own DR services

Purchase Our Disaster Recovery & Availability Training Today For $1497 

PLUS, We’ll Give You Access to Some Great Bonuses to Help You Get Started!

BONUS #1: Request access to our private FB group where you can ask David questions and brainstorm with others in your field along the way.

BONUS #2: We’ll extend 3 months of access to our Weekly Office Hours Call. Watch for weekly email reminders with details to join. Make the most of this 3 month access and get the help you need to launch into DR services.