Create Your Own High-Impact, 2-Page Sales or Business Plan

8 Out of 10 Businesses Fail in the First 18 Months – That’s a Whopping 80% (Bloomberg)!!!


shutterstock_117941989How are sales going? In most businesses, only 20% of the team is hitting the mark!  That means 80% isn’t…

If you feel like you should be earning more, but you just can’t seem to get there, your plan (or lack of plan) may be the problem.

It’s true – most reseller business owners and sales people are running through the year without a plan.

The problem is, most plans are useless! If you are tasked with putting together a sales plan for your territory, I already know you won’t be using it through the year.  Plans written for investors are the same – not useful for directing your daily and weekly activities.

In this two month planning program we’ll give you the tools, templates, and instruction you need to build an easy-to-follow, executable plan. It’s the same process we’ve been using for over 13 years, and it works.

business-genericJoin David in this 20 session business planning process. 20 short bite-size sessions will take you from start to finish.

BONUS: Plus you’ll get two coaching calls (one per month) to review and enhance what you’ve built.

When you understand your priorities, your metrics, and your process, you’ll have the ingredients you need to succeed.


In Just a Few Weeks You’ll Have!

  • A clear statement of your vision and mission.
  • A well defined market avatar – a tool that will totally transform the way you market and prospect.
  • Your 3-5 year plan for improvement and capabilities.
  • 5 measurable goals for the year, and for the next 90 days.
  • Leading indicators to guide your efforts through the current quarter as well as the fiscal year.
  • And much more…


20 Sessions – Short and to the Point – Packed w/ Information on What to Do Next!



Here’s How it Works:

  • 20 sessions (video) detailing each section of the two page business plan.
  • Access to David’s private membership site where you can view this material and collaborate with him online.
  • Access to our private collaboration group.
  • Templates to build your plan.
  • A process for keeping it up-to-date and a way to track your progress through the year.


  • BONUS: #1:Access to weekly Mastery Class Office Hours (weekly group coaching call).
  • BONUS #1: Audio Program – Creating an Effective Value Proposition.
  • BONUS #2: A Copy of Simon Sinek’s Book, Start w/ WHY – one of the best books on developing vision.


All This for Just 2 Easy Payments of $147/Month.