Master the Security Sale…


EVERY BUSINESS IS UNDER FIRE RIGHT NOW!!! – And in need of serious advice.  The problem is, most don’t know it. This is your opportunity to become their RISK ADVISOR!


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Over 15 Years Ago, David Took His CISSP Exam. WHY?

Selling Security is Not Easy. Until NOW!


vs5SECURITY HAS NO ROI.  And while it’s “Top of Mind” for most business leaders, no one is actually thinking about it until it’s too late.

However, with the right approach, security sells faster than any other solution area and continues to be one of the most profitable technology sales you can make.

This program comes from real world experience – getting into new accounts, moving up the org chart, and creating new opportunities. In this program we’ll show you the power of SECURITY to CLOSE…

Now in an easy-to-digest format – Work at your own pace. Get a fresh perspective on sales and how SECURITY will open new doors you never thought possible.


Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll:

First, what you WON’T get are more speeds and feeds…

Discover the most effective value proposition there is – no matter what size companies you call on.

See how SECURITY leads to MANAGED SERVICES (Annuity Sales) every time!!!!

Learn the message that is converting over 90% of the time.

Find out why most security assessments don’t lead to business, and how to change that forever.

  • PLUS…
    • BONUS #1: Access to weekly Mastery Class Office Hours (weekly group coaching call) PLUS three coaching videos.
    • BONUS #2: Lifetime access to our member portal.
    • BONUS #3: Bonus resources including Interviews with Security Experts and CIOs

How it Works

  • 6 Modules will take you on a journey to MASTERING THE SECURITY SALE.
  • Core sessions are recorded in audio format for easy listening on the go (all accessible through a private membership login).
  • Supplemental video programs provide greater insights, explanations, and strategies along the way.
  • Your workbook is downloadable and designed to help you reference all that you learn.
  • Weekly group coaching will be available through Mastery Class Office Hours every Monday afternoon.
  • Your personal training concierge is here for support whenever you need it.
  • Plus new members will have access to the SVLC Insider’s Circle, 60 Days Free!


STEP 1: Unlock the Power of the Security Message

Listen in as David shares with you why 75% – 90% of Business Leaders he presents to convert to a security assessment. Discover how you can do the same. Once you understand the message you can give it just about anywhere:

  • Find out why security is an essential part of every technology provider’s solution strategy.
  • Discover two SECRETS to making the security sale every time.
  • See why sales people fail to make their numbers and how security changes everything.
  • Understand what executives demand and how to provide it before your competition can.
  • Avoid commodity product selling, leveraging security to increase margins and create differentiation in the face of competition.


STEP 2: Know the Threat Landscape – Hype vs. Reality and What Business Leaders Demand!

We are at war! The problem is, without earth shattering explosions and body bags people are slow to react. In David’s CIO facing presentation, he uses a specific strategy to awaken them to reality. In this session he will show you the exact message he uses to convert an audience.

  • Find out what is really going on around the world right now – espionage, cyber gangs, hacktivism, and more.
  • Learn the power of sound bites and how to reach an executive audience (You’ll also learn why statistics don’t sell).
  • Discover the primary tools used to steal data, and how to explain RISK to a non-technical buyer without getting bogged down in the weeds of technology jargon.
  • Take note as David walks you through the powerful “CIO – Your World Diagram,” a model that explains how you can get involved with business leaders as they face one of the biggest challenges of their career.
  • Find out what board members are looking for and how you can get them what they need, long before your competition does.
  • Discover 7 major trends threatening your prospect’s world right now.


STEP 3: Powerful Marketing Concepts That Drive Sales Despite Budgets

The two most commonly used strategies for selling security (compliance and breaches) fail to move people. In this module you’ll discover why and how to overcome objections.

  • Discover how to use one of the most powerful risk measurement models in the industry, why promising deals stall out, and how to move your deals forward against all odds.
  • Stop cold calling and use this simple strategy to attract dozens of new leads!
  • Learn how to move from vending to advising (becoming your client’s RISK ADVISOR).


STEP 4: Master the Security Message That Converts 90% of the Time

Security is best sold to people with liability.  However, stake holders often send you back to IT. Find out how to grab the attention of “Asset Owners” (those with liability and influence) and build an advisory relationship with them.

  • Discover 3 simple questions that will get you on your way to security business.
  • Master the framework David uses in lunch & learn programs to convert his audience.
  • Find out about the one, predictable mistake almost every business is making, and how to help them solve it. (Note: There’s a clear connection to MSP sales here.)
  • We’ll give you a value proposition in this module that won’t commoditize  – learn it, master it, and your business will grow!!!
  • Avoid being demoted back to IT by using this simple messaging designed for asset owners.


STEP 5: Harnessing the Power of Security Assessments – Creating Undeniable Justification Using One Simple Tool

Only about 20% of the security assessments convert to remediation projects, yet almost all of them show urgent issues. Why??? In this module David explains why assessments aren’t closing like they should, and how to fix this frustrating problem.

  • Discover 4 types of assessments (but only one leads to bigger remediation projects).
  • Learn how to convert assessments into managed services contracts.
  • Discover how to use an assessment to gain access to all levels of the organization.
  • Find out when it’s okay to charge for assessments, and when to offer them free.


STEP 6: Delivering the Closing Message That Leads to High Margin Business

In the end, everyone has a security problem. However, getting your prospects to see and agree to the urgency is not as easy as it sounds.  In this final session we’ll discuss how to work through the sales process to the point of persuading your prospect to take action.

  • Discover the most powerful way to build justification.
  • Learn how and when to propose your recommendations.
  • Discover the “So What Test”, one of the most powerful assessment tools in your bag.
  • Find out what questions to ask during assessment interviews and who to include.
  • Discover how to assemble your data and get it to the people who make final decisions.
  • Find out what mistakes your competition is making on the final proposal and how to avoid the pitfalls others are making.


PLUS 3 Great Bonuses!

BONUS #1 -Access to weekly Mastery Class Office Hours (weekly group coaching call) PLUS three coaching videos.

BONUS #2 – Lifetime access to our private training portal.

Bonus #3 – Bonus resources including Interviews with Security Experts and CIOs.


In Just 3 Months, You Can Completely Transform Your Business for Only $997/seat (A $2,500 Value).