Make the Move From Vendor to Advisor!

Learn the Secrets of High-Priced Consultants (The Road to High-Margin Business)

IDC is telling us, “50% of the technology sales force won’t make the next transition…” Wait! Is that really true?

The truth is, almost any person (with a real desire) can make the move from Vendor to Advisor.  This program takes you through 6 easy, transformative steps.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll:

  • The secrets used by high consulting companies that lead to big business, C-level meetings, and high margin business. (Strategies I learned while working on PWC teams and Multi-million dollar projects.)
  • The insider-strategies on gaining access to decision markers (and how not to cut off IT while doing it).
  • Discovery secrets that will position you to lead the big business initiatives generally owned by top consulting firms.
  • Price strategies that will free you from T&M, and double your margin in just a few minutes. (The fastest road to a pay raise.)
  • How to model your presentations after high-end business consultants – ones that command buyer-level attention.
  • And so much more…

Here’s How it Works:

  • 8 ground breaking modules!
  • Collaboration on each session using our private Facebook Group.
  • Downloadable worksheets and assignments.
  • BONUS: Access to weekly Mastery Class Office Hours (weekly group coaching call).shutterstock_351886349

Module 1: Setting the Foundation

  • Introduction
  • Questions to consider
  • The Conversion Blueprint

Module 2: Creating Your High-Conversion Value Proposition (Part 1)

  • Understanding your profit curve position
  • Key ingredients of trusted advisors
  • Turning sales into high-dollar business
  • 4 Things Buyers Buy

Module 3: Rebranding as a Trusted Advisor

  • Defining trusted advisors
  • Your #1 hurdle
  • Becoming the High-Dollar Advisor
  • Upgrading Your Position
  • Bonus: hiring great people

Module 4: Accessing Power – Reaching the Asset Owner

  • Meeting One: Influencer meetings
  • Meeting Two: Asset Owners and Your Value Proposition
  • Meeting Three: The Verbal Agreement
  • Meeting Four: The close

Module 5: The Power of Discovery and Assessments

  • Typical Sales Process
  • 8 Steps to Closing 80%
  • The ideal sales conversation and when to close

Module 6: Connecting With C-Levels and Other Business Leaders

  • What leaders really need (and want)
  • 5 Tools you’ll need to connect
  • C-Level Trends and Careabouts
  • Profiling and connecting

Module 7: Moving People to Action – Boardroom Presentations

  • The ingredients for great meetings
  • How Great speakers move people
  • 7 Habits of great speakers
  • Becoming a great speaker (and mover of people)

Now, for a One-Time Fee of $997, You Can Purchase This Training and Get Started on Your Move from Vendor to Advisor!