Make the Move From Vendor to Advisor!

Learn the Secrets of High-Priced Consultants (The Road to High-Margin Business)

IDC is telling us, “50% of the technology sales force won’t make the next transition…” Wait! Is that really true?

The truth is, almost any person (with a real desire) can make the move from Vendor to Advisor.  This program takes you through 6 easy, transformative steps.

Here’s What You’ll Leave With:

  • The secrets used by high consulting companies that lead to big business, C-level meetings, and high margin business. (Strategies I learned while working on PWC teams and Multi-million dollar projects.)
  • The insider-strategies on gaining access to decision markers (and how not to cut off IT while doing it).
  • Discovery secrets that will position you to lead the big business initiatives generally owned by top consulting firms.
  • Price strategies that will free you from T&M, and double your margin in just a few minutes. (The fastest road to a pay raise.)
  • How to model your presentations after high-end business consultants – ones that command buyer-level attention.
  • And so much more…


Here’s How it Works:

  • 6 ground breaking modules – 4 weekly sessions in each!  That’s 24 sessions!
  • Collaboration on each session using the CustomerHub membership site.
  • Worksheets and a field guide to take you through the transition.
  • Access to our private Facebook group to collaborate and get your questions answered.
  • BONUS: Three Coaching calls  ($1500 value).
  • BONUS: Two extra sessions that bring it all together.

Modules Include:


Step 1: Unlock the Secret to Becoming the Trusted Advisor 

shutterstock_83800570The first step to becoming your customer’s trusted advisor is a mindset change
. If you’ve been selling products or support services, or even doing projects at the IT level, you may find it challenging to engage at the business level. Most of the sales people we’ve coached admit, behind closed doors, that when it comes to meeting with the CIO of a large corporation, it can be intimidating. But the same is true when meeting with the president or owner of an SMB or mid-market company. In this first step you’ll discover:

  • The universe of the business leader and what they are really concerned with and thinking about.
  • How to replace your worldview of technology sales and marketing with proven strategies for winning larger projects and managed services business.
  • The number one reason projects get put on hold – and how to avoid the budget constraints you constantly run into.
  • Commoditization and how to avoid becoming a low paid sales rep or worse – non-profit business.

Step 2: Master the Only 4 Things a Buyer Will Buy, and Know Which One They’ll Buy First

You can sell features and functions, but in the end you’re just selling on prices. Most of the technologies you sell are commodity products, and the number of companies that sell exactly the same thing is much bigger than you can imagine.  But there are 4 things that buyers really do buy – and they are willing to pay for them. In this section you’ll find out how to leave the commodity product business forever – you’ll learn…

  • About the cycles of innovation and where you should focus to remain relevant in this fast pace technology market.
  • When to sell what – which areas to focus on and in what order.
  • How to position assessments, projects, and managed services or any other type of annuity service.
  • Exactly what the four things are – and which one sells the fastest and most profitably.


Step 3: Turn Prospects Into Long-Term, Loyal Customers

How are you attracting new business? In this economy, this issue seems to be the technology company’s biggest hurdle. If you’re making cold calls or sending out mass emails, you know people aren’t interested in an exploratory meeting. Chances are they’ve seen company presentations from both technology manufacturers and resellers – that look just like yours and offer pretty much the same stuff. They just don’t have time for another meeting like that. But there is a solution! In this module you’ll discover…

  • How sales people can integrate marketing science into their prospecting strategy, to create a powerful customer attraction program.
  • How to create one-too-many selling opportunities that far exceed the typical lunch & learn programs we see in just about every city. In fact, we’ll show you how to attract a great audience and convert 75% of them on the spot.
  • Conversion strategies that build to create long-term highly profitable relationships.
  • A simple way to multiply any sales campaign outcome.


shutterstock_351886349Step 4: Tap Into the Power of Discovery to Access Executives and Close Business

Any project related technology deal is going to require discovery, but this is where you have to change to really upgrade your game. A discovery or assessment process, designed correctly, can give you access to just about anyone in the organization – and that can go a long way in helping you close big business more quickly. In this module you’ll discover…

  • How to gain access to anyone in the organization – and who it is that you really want to meet with.
  • How to conduct powerful executive level discovery meetings.
  • How to analyze your findings and turn them into concrete justification for moving forward.
  • How to deliver your findings – moving from free to fee quickly and easily.

Step 5: Value Pricing – Maximize Profits and Avoid the Discount Traps 

If you want an immediate pay increase, this is the place to focus: setting fees. When you trade dollars for hours, you’re simply selling a commodity. Value pricing can be tricky, but once you understand the process, you can immediately begin selling high margin deals and avoiding the discount traps. In Step 5, you’ll learn:

  • How to get rid of the commodity mindset most technology sales people have.
  • How gain approval early in the sales process, so you don’t waste time on proposals that will never sell.
  • How to actually calculate your price so you don’t lose money on fixed price deals – in fact they’ll end up being far more profitable.
  • How to avoid the traps that come with discounts, and how to raise prices without making your customer angry.

 Step 6: Create Deal-Winning Proposals and Close 90% of the Time

The final step deals with proposals. According to David’s studies, conducted across many technology companies around the world, only about 20% of the proposals written are closing.  That’s a lot of writing time wasted! How would you like to close 95% of your proposals? In this module you’ll discover…

  • How to position your proposal to win before writing the first word.
  • How to write a proposal that’s easy to sign and likely to close.
  • How to create a form that helps you generate a proposal in about 15 minutes.
  • How to deliver your proposal with closing in mind

Bonus Sessions:

There’s more to cover – there always will be. The journey from Vendor to Advisor is only beginning. These final two sessions introduce areas for continued professional development – but don’t stop here!!! Take these concepts and work them to their fullest!

  • Mastering Board Room Presentations.
  • Personal Branding and Professional Development.

For only $147/month, you can transform your business! A 6-month program, with 6 easy payments.